Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Stone Church in Estevan

A few photos of the former Presbyterian
Church in Estevan, Saskatchewan.  It
was built in 1902 and is in excellent
condition.  It's one of those buildings
that you just have to touch...and you
can feel all the time that's passed in
the stones.

It is now under private ownership and
is home to a few small businesses.

This was the beginning of a way better
than average road trip...I saw about
a dozen churches, almost as many
cemeteries, a court house, some water
towers, a few schools, a pioneer
village museum, a sign telling me to
have "fun," most likely a few things
I've forgotten and a spectacular
sunset as I drove west out of Estevan,
Saskatchewan...southeast Saskatchewan
really gets the best sunsets but I'm
partial, I grew up there.  More photos
of these sites and sights to come.

Photographed on October 28, 2017.

historical, church, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Presbyterian

historical, church, Estevan, Saskatchewan, Presbyterian

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