Thursday, 30 November 2017

All Saints Anglican Church

This church is in Weyburn, Saskatchewan
and was established in 1905.

The stained glass triptych behind the altar
was designed and assembled in England
then shipped to Weyburn for installation.

The mother of an old school friend lives in
Weyburn and while I was in town I invited
her out for supper and a visit.  As we were
talking she mentioned the stained glass
window in All Saints Anglican Church
where her children had been baptized...she
also mentioned that she had a key for the

Gaining access to the church was
one of a handful of "good fortunes" that
came my way during this trip to southeast
Saskatchewan.  (More about those in
future posts.)

My thanks to Joan for a lovely visit and
opening the door.  Hi Brian!

Photographed on October 19, 2017.

church, historical, Weyburn, Saskatchewan

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