Thursday, 5 October 2017

Saint Patrick's Catholic Church

Futurism comes to small town Saskatchewan. 
Saint Pat's Church in Eastend, Saskatchewan
is a fine example of googie architecture (no,
I'm not making up the name). 

It was a popular style from about the
mid-1940's to the late-1960's for many gas
stations, coffee shops, motels and more. 
The style was born out of the early space
age and is full of dramatic shapes and angles
together with a desire to move forward,
onward and upwards.  This was not only
new and "with it," but revolutionary; some
would say heresy. 

The colour choice for the pebbled-glass
is very fall colours set
against the sky.

For those interested, there are many fine
examples of well preserved googie
architecture in and around Southern

Photographed on September 29, 2017.

church, Eastend, Saskatchewan, historic


  1. I kinda like it! There are some googie style neon signs that I love in the US.

    1. I really enjoy googie design. What a great way to be both rebellious and something googie! lol!