Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Late Summer Balcony

The state of my balcony a few weeks ago.  Most
of the plants I grew from seed this year; the
seeds coming from such exotic places as France,
Holland and Guatemala.

And then there's that bison skull.  One summer
back in the 1960's some now old friends found
this skull lodged in a sandbar in the South
Saskatchewan River near Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Of course they had to bring it home where it sat
in the garage for a few years until it was
mounted under the peak of the poolhouse where
everyone could enjoy it.  There it hung for
over forty years until last fall when they
decided to downsize and, to make a long story
short, it ended up on my balcony.

I have no idea how old it might be but I do
know it's a welcome addition to the space.
The plants like it, the birds like it, I like it and
it creates just that little bit of uneasiness in
some of the folks that visit.  I like that too.

Photographed on September 4, 2017.

Medicine Hat, Alberta, wildlife, plants

Medicine Hat, Alberta, wildlife, plants


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    1. Thanks, Jenn. Planting in a confined space is always a challenge. I encourage everyone to plant seeds. It's fun and fulfilling. Have patience!