Thursday, 17 August 2017

Selz School sign near Liebenthal

Selz School sign east of Liebentahl, Saskatchewan.

Paraphrasing information from the book "Selz Russia
Home Colony" by William C. Sherman:

In the early 1800's Russia invited Germans to an area
near Odessa on the Black Sea.  These pioneers settled
by the Kutschurgan River and named their village Selz,
a name of Alsatian origin.

Then came the communist revolution and two world wars.
Resentment for the German speaking people led to
Siberian exile, religious persecution, labour camps and
deliberate starvation.  The fortunate ones migrated to
the Americas to become open plains pioneers once again.

Some of these migrants settled south of Bow Island,
Alberta and others settled east of Liebenthal
Saskatchewan.  Both these groups named their schools
after their home town of Selz, Russia.

Selz has now been renamed Limanskoye and is occupied by
Ukrainian refugees from war-torn villages.  No Germans
live there anymore.
The Selz School sign south of Bow Island can be seen here:

Photographed on July 31, 2017.

school, sign, Liebenthal, Saskatchewan, historic, pioneer

school, sign, Liebenthal, Saskatchewan, historic, pioneer

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