Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Outdoor Altar at Blumenfeld

The Blumenfeld and District Heritage site is home to
Saints Peter and Paul Church & Cemetery, a Settlers
Memorial Cairn, an outdoor Stations of the Cross, an
outdoor altar and Our Sorrowful Mother Grotto.  This
post will focus on the outdoor altar only.

The following is a direct quotation from the framed
information sheet sitting inside the altar:

"Corpus Christi"

"The feast of Corpus Christi (Holy Body of Christ)
commemorates the institution of the Eucharist.
This feast was instituted through the efforts
of Julian Liege."

"During the celebration of the Holy Eucharist the host
that is then consecrated is carried in a monstrance,
out of doors in procession through the town and fields.
Benediction is celebrated enroute.  At each station one
of the gospels is read followed by a blessing with the
monstrance toward the four corners of the world."

"In parishes where open air processions took place
three small open 'altars' were erected enroute.  This
here is one such altar decorated and set up every year,
for those processions."

This heritage site is located on the open prairie
southwest of Prelate, Saskatchewan and is visible for
many miles.

Photographed on March 19, 2017.





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