Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Haig School Site 1918-1945 sign

Out for a Sunday drive in southeastern Alberta.  Winter
is nearing an end and it's a little windy; it's bright and
blue and the sun now has some warmth...
a very good day to be alive.

Haig School is long gone but this sign has been erected
at the former site.  Located southwest of
Maleb (Conquerville), Alberta.

Kudos to the designer of the sign; the metal appears to
be have been "painted" with an acetylene torch.  The
wooden insert displays the names of the students who
attended the school.

Photographed on 2017-02-12.

Maleb (Conquerville)

Maleb (Conquerville)

Maleb (Conquerville)

Maleb (Conquerville)


  1. Great sign. I have been through this area a couple of times and it looks like I missed a lot.

    1. I ran across this sign purely by chance. The Maleb area offers lots to see. Did you know there was a recently restored pioneer school there?

  2. Excellent school marker!